SBS 2003 is not advertising as a Global Catalog Server

Our monitoring sofware is telling us "the Domain controller diagnostic Advertising test failed with error "DC holding GC role does not advertise as GC". A global catalog must replicate inbound copies of all objects from all domain partitions in the forest before the global catalog can advertise the global catalog role."

It would seem to me that an SBS server cannot replicate to anything if it is the only server in the forest, but I cannot seem to find much about that after extensive Internet searching and a review of EE. I have verified in NTDS settings that the checkbox for GC is checked.
I would some expert verification on whether the SBS 2003 server should be advertising as a GC, and if so, how to correct this.
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Glen KnightCommented:
SBS should and will be advertising as a Global Catalog server.

Is it possible there is an old Domain Controller that wasn't removed properly?

Another possible cause is DNS.

Is the SBS server configured to use only it's own IP address in the network card configuration for DNS?

If not it should be, there should be no external DNS servers listed.
Shreedhar EtteCommented:

Post output of these:

dcdiag /test:advertising

net share

Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
This could be a DNS problem. Check that the SBS server and all clients point to the SBS server as the one and only DNS server.

Try stopping and restarting the NETLOGON service, that should force re-registration of the DNS SRV records

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summit_pcguyAuthor Commented:
Hi dematzer. Thank you for helping me.
This server was built for a brand new domain so there was no other servers in the domain. We did have a member server running for a week and then it was disjoined and removed. I have checked Sites and Services, ADUC, and DNS and only the one server and 4 workstations show up.
There are no other DNS servers listed, external or otherwise..
The SBS server is configured to use only it's own IP address in the network card configuration for DNS.
summit_pcguyAuthor Commented:
Shreedhar - thanks for trying to help me. Here is the output of the commands that you have requested:

Windows IP Configuration

   Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : server01
   Primary Dns Suffix  . . . . . . . : xxx.local
   Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Unknown
   IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : Yes
   WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : Yes
   DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . : xxx.local

Ethernet adapter Server Local Area Connection:

   Connection-specific DNS Suffix  . :
   Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethe
   Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-22-19-04-xx-03
   DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : No
   IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
   Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
   Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
   DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :
   Primary WINS Server . . . . . . . :


Domain Controller Diagnosis

Performing initial setup:
   Done gathering initial info.

Doing initial required tests

   Testing server: Default-First-Site-Name\SERVER01
      Starting test: Connectivity
         ......................... SERVER01 passed test Connectivity

Doing primary tests

   Testing server: Default-First-Site-Name\SERVER01
      Starting test: Advertising
         Warning: SERVER01 is not advertising as a time server.
         ......................... SERVER01 failed test Advertising

   Running partition tests on : ForestDnsZones

   Running partition tests on : DomainDnsZones

   Running partition tests on : Schema

   Running partition tests on : Configuration

   Running partition tests on : xxx

   Running enterprise tests on : xxx.local


Share name   Resource                        Remark

print$       C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers
                                             Printer Drivers
C$           C:\                             Default share
prnproc$     C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRTPROCS

D$           D:\                             Default share
ADMIN$       C:\WINDOWS                      Remote Admin
G$           G:\                             Default share
Resources$   C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\res   "Event logging files"
IPC$                                         Remote IPC
F$           F:\                             Default share
Address      C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\address
                                             "Access to address objects"
ClientApps   C:\ClientApps                   Windows Small Business Server Clie
clients      C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business Server\ClientSetu
                                             Windows Small Business Server Clie
Data         C:\Data
                                             Logon server share
Scan         D:\Scan
SERVER01.LOG C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\SERVER01.log
                                             Exchange message tracking logs
SYSVOL       C:\WINDOWS\SYSVOL\sysvol        Logon server share
tsclient     C:\WINDOWS\system32\clients\tsclient

tsweb        C:\WINDOWS\web\tsweb
             F:\WSUS\UpdateServicesPackages  A network share to be used by clie
Users        C:\Users Shared Folders         Users Shared Folders
WCProTWInbox C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Xerox\WCProTWA

WsusContent  F:\WSUS\WsusContent             A network share to be used by Loca
WSUSTemp     C:\Program Files\Update Services\LogFiles\WSUSTemp
                                             A network share used by Local Publ
HP4200       IP_192.168.0.26        Spooled  Laserjet 4200dtn in File Room. IP
Xerox Phaser 3635MFP PCL6
             X_192.168.0.235        Spooled  Xerox Phaser 3635MFP PCL6
Xerox3635-2 PCL6
             X_XEROX3635-2          Spooled  Xerox3635-2 PCL6
The command completed successfully.

summit_pcguyAuthor Commented:
KCTS: Thank you for your help. I have started and restarted the netlogon service as asked. This server has been restarted recently as well.
I looked at your KB article and this seems to apply to child domains. This is a single SBS server with no child domains or other DCs.
Shreedhar EtteCommented:

Refer this article for the error "SERVER01 is not advertising as a time server"

I hope this fixes the issue.

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summit_pcguyAuthor Commented:
shreedhar: You might be on to something. For some reason (I have no cllue) Windows Time Service was disabled on this 2003 SBS box. I enabled it and started the service nad advertising seems to be working.  I will see if we get any alerts this weekend.

summit_pcguyAuthor Commented:
Thanks a bunch for the help. We have not seen the error in over a week so we know the disabled time service was the fix.
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