SharePoint 2010 web part deployment

Client and Offshore Development team are seperated by geographical boundaries and time. Offshore Development Team does not have access to client network. At the client location, a project co-ordinator is present.
At client side, SharePoint 2010 server machine may not have Visual Studio 2010 installed on it.
 Case 1: In the client network there is another machine that has VS2010 installed - can you create a Visual web part solution and deploy it on the SharePoint 2010 server from this machine at client side?
 Case 2: What is the best practice for deploying a web part that is developed by offshore team that does not have any access to the client network?
The idea here is that the project co-ordinator should be least involved in development efforts at onsite and more involved in deployments.
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Bart-VandyckConnect With a Mentor Commented:


Best practice for me, would be:
1. Offshore Development delivers a wsp file (solution) to the clients SharePoint Farm administrators
2. Farm adminstrators deploy in a validation environment.  If problems occur back to the Offshore Development team.
3. If approved deploy in production.

Why would you need a Visual Studio on the client site?


Ivan PadabedDirector, Technology SolutionsCommented:
Case 1: yes you can.
Case 2: see previous post.
psid23Author Commented:
Regarding Case 1, to elaborate more, is it possible to do a deployment of a web part onto a SharePoint Server from VS 2010 machine, when the SharePoint server machine is different from the VS 2010 machine - Could you please provide me with a link that details the steps?
Thanks & Regards,
Ivan PadabedConnect With a Mentor Director, Technology SolutionsCommented:
specify server URL in "create new project" dialog. if you want to debug, just install Remote Debugging component there
psid23Author Commented:
I have not been able to try out the steps given in the solution.
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