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computer startup script not running before automatic logon

I have a computer startup script defined in a group policy.

This script does a few things, one of which is it sets the autologon information to automatically log a specific user on to the computer.

eg: it modifies
SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinLogon\DefaultUserName etc...

This script needs to be run before any user logs on.

The first time this script runs, it runs before the computer gets to the "logon box", which is great. It then sets the autologon. (at this stage, I will get the computer to reboot, just haven't implemented it yet, so I reboot it manually)

After it reboots, the system automatically logs the user on and the computer startup script is run in the background.

My problem is, I need the script to run *before* the user gets logged on.
I would have thought the autologon would run *after* the computer startup scripts, but apparently this isn't the case.

Is there any way around this?

can you get a computer startup script to log a user on to the system? or do you have to use the autologon key as stated above?
2 Solutions
see if it can give you an idea on what you are looking for

B HCommented:
where does the script live at, on the computer or in a group policy?

in the group policy, you can specify computer > ...  > scripts > startup
this will run when the computer starts up

you can also specify user > ... >  scripts > logon
this runs when the user logs in

or, if it lives on the computer, you'll need to create the startup script you want as a scheduled task, set to run (with credentials) "when my computer starts".  the one you want for the user login event, you can put into another scheduled task or simply in the startup folder, or currentversion\run registry location
Description of the Windows XP Professional Fast Logon Optimization ...

Try disabling this.....
DFPITCAuthor Commented:
Yay, should have searched more thoroughly

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