which one is harder, 3D side scroller / full3D environment creation, why?

Im asking in the matter of environment creation. 3D sidescroller seems need a big environment, whereas full 3d (TPS/FPS game) need quite smaller because the camera is near he char. but maybe the details needs is in contrary.
Say, in a same environment, side scroller world is smaller. Is it true? and which one should consider to do first if we never created any of them (which one is easier)? -- though both is hard

eq of 3dsidescroller

TPS such mini ninjas, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XrofDgJ6d0

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I'm not sure what you're asking, but in any case, you're looking at the 3D world through a "window" (visible on your screen). What is visible through that window (on your screen) is completely up to you. This includes the complexity of what's visible, the amount of detail, the depth of field, etc. You can control everything, in order to get a decent performance out of it.
rajatopAuthor Commented:
hmm, i mean the advantage and the drawback of each type (3d side scroller and tps)
plus when the developer decide to make it that way, why? (things to consider)
There's no real technological reason. If you want to make a side scroller, you make a side scroller. If you want to make a third person perspective game, you make a third person perspective game. If you want to make a first person perspective game, you make a first person perspective game. It just depends on what you want to do, and what fits in the concept of your game.
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rajatopAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your answers Infinity08,
back to environment / world creation for the game asset. which one takes a longer time?
as i stated previously, I do think that 3D side scroller need game asset more than TPS,
If I can say, TPS is zoomed in version of 3D side scroller, do you agree?
>> If I can say, TPS is zoomed in version of 3D side scroller, do you agree?

The only difference is the camera position and movement.
rajatopAuthor Commented:
if you must choose one,
which one do you prefer and why?
As I said : I choose the one that fits the concept of the game I'm making.
A difference might be that a side-scroller has by design a much more linear game-play, you go either left or right.
This limitation might be easier to design and to code, but its hard to generalise.
The point here is not the graphics, but the game-play-logic.

Choose the one that you would prefer to play yourself. To me a side-scroller is a bit old school (might be boring).
But then there is the fantastic side-scroller game "Little Big Planet", so you cant generalise anything here.

After all YOU need to have some fun, its your game, choose the one you like better :)


In terms of 3d they are the same. Its jsut a view port difference (may also be some performance hacks difference). Its really the difference between walking down a street in first person and driving down the street looking out though the side of the car window. It really how to define the viewport and the movement of the viewport!

What gets more tricky is some 3d side scrollers are really 2d with fake 3d graphics (see part about performance hints)

Your approach is mostly governed by how the world's are generated. In a 3rd Person game, what kind of scale is the roamable world? Are you showing very limited sized environments (e.g. Tomb Raider) or are you in a vast expansive arena (e.g. GTA 3 onwards)?

3D side scrollers work the same, is the entire level pre-loaded or does it generate as the player moves along? Is the level flat or can you go up and down for dozens of screens?

Full 3rd person environments tend to have many thousands more potential objects too, depending on the level of detail being aimed for. Overall, you're looking at much more programming in a 3rd person game. The advantage of a 3d side-scroller is in the level of detail added to graphical effects like particles, bloom etc as the processing demands for the main environment objects is much less.

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