How do i do an inner/ recurrsive join on a single table?

How do I join a table on its self i.e. lets say for example that I have a table with the following schema i.e.

Table 1, with columns ID, Name, ParentId and lets say ParentId was a forgeign key for a matching row in the same table, how would I get all rows returned with all rows containing parented in order so e.g.

1, aaa, null
2, bbb,1

And lets say i made a query which said i want all rows with an id of 1 and all child rows from 1 whether there child or child of child,or child of child of child and so on,  .

So e.g. lets say i wanted all row related to id of . So in this instance i'd get the following returned in this order i.e.

1, aaa, null  ---> Parent
     2, bbb,1 ----> Child
         3,ccc,2 ----> Child of child with parent od 1

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Om PrakashCommented:
Please check the following tutorial on recursive queries:

This article contains same information that you need
The following function is adapted from Example C at

    Id int primary key NOT NULL,
    ParentId int ,
    HierarchyLevel int NOT NULL
--Returns a result set that lists all the employees who report to the
--specific employee directly or indirectly.*/
   WITH resultsTable ( Id, ParentId, HierarchyLevel) AS
      (SELECT Id, ParentId, 1 from temp t WHERE t.Id = @Id
       SELECT t.Id, t.ParentId, r.HierarchyLevel + 1
     from temp t inner Join resultsTable r on t.ParentId = r.Id

-- copy the required columns to the result of the function
   INSERT @results
   SELECT Id, ParentId, HierarchyLevel
   FROM resultsTable

My test table is called temp so you would need to change that for your own schema and column names

To return the results...

Select * from FindChildren(1)

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