Outlook 2003/2007 Remove attachment but retain filename?


Is it possible to remove an attachment from an email but retain the filename?

We have an issue whereby our users are keeping all their attachments in their mailbox instead of fileservers, thus causing mailbox size issues. If they could remove the attachments but retain the filename at least they could see that an attachment was part of the mail.
If Outlook could store the filepath, even better, however I dont think this is possible. We used to use Lotus Notes and this had the capability to retain filenames.

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sysops6Connect With a Mentor Commented:

So i just downloaded and tested http://www.kopf.com.br/outlook/ on Outlook 2003 on emails residing in my inbox on exchange 2003 server mailstore and it worked like a charm.

It provided a link in each email which worked perfectly.

I highly recommend this although there is an add at the end and i am not sure if there is a way to do this automatically i.e. this may have to be a manual process that your users do themselves.

Good luck :-)

The product Outlook Attachment and Picture Extractor for 2000/XP/Vista may be what you are looking for.

It is a pain that it is a third party fix but the functionality that you require is not native to outlook.

Please see this website for the product details:


I hope this helps :-)
Hi again.

Just found this free add-in.


Beware though as it is in beta and may not provide as nice functionality as Outlook Attachment and Picture Extractor.
ketkanaAuthor Commented:
Sysops, thanks for your prompt response.
No worries. :-)

I hope this is a good fix for you.

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