UPS/power recommendations

I seem to be getting hit up with a lot of specific power-related questions this week, and want to get a better handle on things...

Let's say we're implementing a Cisco 6509 chassis with dual 6000w power supplies. Running a sample configuration through the Cisco Power Calculator, we get the following results:

Total Output Power: 2839 Watts
Total Typical Output Power: 2271 Watts

Two questions:

1) what would you recommendation for a UPS solution in the case of this dual-power supply chassis?   (One/power supply for UPS redundancy?  If so, would you recommend UPS’s that could handle the full 6000w of their connected power supply (for future expansion, even though this output indicates the current total output power is < 3000W?)  

2) if the customer wanted to run the chassis off a single racked UPS, what would you suggest as a minimum to support the environment?   Obviously a chassis with dual 6000w supplies will not draw 12kW throughout the day, and we know that there is load-sharing between the power supplies as well, so how would you recommend sizing a UPS?   Do they demand more power during startup, for instance, until the chassis/line cards are fully booted?  (I have a customer asking for “bare minimum” answers to these types of questions.)   If I'm focused on the 2839W number, and they implemented a 4000W UPS to handle it, I wouldn't want to find out that when the chassis is powered up, it goes through some sort of check to verify that both power supplies can draw full power concurrently.

Thanks in advance!

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Erik BjersPrincipal Systems AdministratorCommented:
each power supply should be on an independent power source so you should size a UPS for one power supply, add %25 - %50 for growth and then buy 2.


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cardsfan73Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply, but looking for quite a bit more clarification for everything beyond the very first question.

Rob HutchinsonDesktop SupportCommented:
APC has selectors on their website you can use:

Going with the defaults, it brought up three different models of APC Smart-UPS RT 10000VA 208V + (1)SURT192XLBP Battery Unit.

You will want to first choose Cisco, then you can also choose specifically dual 6000w along with several other options to help you configure a UPS you might want to use.

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