Run PowerPoint 2007 macros from the Quick Access toolbar

I have made a PowerPoint 2007 template containing macros. I want to be able to distribute this template to other users and enable them to run these macros in all new presentation based on this particular template. Therefore I open the potm file and add buttons to the Quick Access toolbar (I make them available to the template file, not "All presentation").
When I click the buttons in the potm file, they work fine. If I create a new presentation based on the template, the buttons shows up, but when I click them, I get the message that "the macro is not found or disabled due to security settings". When I go to the Developers tab and select Macros, and select the macro in question and click "run", the macro runs perfectly. So obviously it is the button on the Quick Access toolbar that does not work.
Can anybody help me? Thank you very much in advance
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If you can reproduce the issue with a one slide presentation, attach here to check, with instructions to replicate the issue.
WordSpecialistenAuthor Commented:
The potm file extension is not in the list of accepted extensions, so I can't upload the file.
But it is really easy to reproduce the problem:
1) Create a new blank presentation
2) Save the file as a potm file (I call it "TestTemplate.potm")
3) Go the the Visual Basic editor, insert a module (I call it "modMacros")
4) Create a procedure: "sub Test". Here I just a simple messagebox, saying "You clicked the button"
5) Then I add the macro to the Quick Access toolbar, making it available to "TestTemplate.potm" (not "All Presentations")
6) I click the button, and the msg box appears
7) I close the template, and then I create a new blank presentation based on the template
8) I click the button on the Quick Acces toolbar - and then received the error message as posted earlier
The macro name is saved with the Presentation name
Keep the original file open, the new presentation works.
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WordSpecialistenAuthor Commented:
It is not a solution to keep the original file open. I can't tell my users to keep an original template open, while working with presentations based on it. The template will get corrupted, and multiple user can't open the same template at the same time over a network.
I guess the solution then must be to create an add-in instead, so that the macro is permanently available via a tab on the Ribbon. I just hoped to avoid this.
Thank you very much for your attempt to help me.
The answer is to create an AddIn. It's the only reliable way in PowerPoint.

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WordSpecialistenAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your comment. I have already tried the add-in solution, and it works. It is just annoying that I have a permanent command on the Ribbon that is only minded for one particular presentation. And what is the whole point of having the option to make macro-enabled PowerPoint templates, if you can't use them. But thank you for your statement, because now I know that I can't do, what I want to :-).
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