How to Reset Trend Office Scan Web Admin console 10

In the event you forget your office scan version 10 logon credentials. you may need to reset this password however looking through the web I have found no answer to this question.

There are multiple suggestions to locate the offscan.ini file and reset the master_pwd= Tag but this in fact does not apply to version 10 of the console and lead to much frustration.

I can now provide an answer to this
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SupportonthespotConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Please follow this procedure:
1. Open the C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Officescan\PCCSRV\Private\AuthorStore\TrendAuthDef.xml file in edition.

2. Replace the Root information at the bottom of the file as shown below:

 <AppUsers Maxsid="2">
       <AppUser Name="root" Domain="" Email="" Fullname="Administrator account created
during installation" Sid="S-1-9-1-2" Pwd="!CRYPT!523F7DC2E525044E2800FCDEA7E5D78B70C0A4165387060525E3EE66D5D2D2F460EA361E712B5F871FD473C7A6C" WinUser="0" Enabled="true"/></AppUsers>

 Note: The string after “PWD=” is responsible for resetting the password to “trendmicro” (without quotes).

3. Restart the OfficeScan Master service.

4. Log in as root and use “trendmicro” as the password.

5. Change the root password to something more secure by going to Administration > User Accounts.

6. Click on the root account to type in the new password.

In the event you did reset the offscan.ini files in an attempt to solve this issue then you will log into the console using root and then be presented with another password.

THIS is in fact "1" without the quotes as you will have reset two forms of authentication.

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