IIS 7 SMTP some mail are stuck in inetpub\mailroot\queue

We have a strange problem in our inetpub\mailroot\queue. We have mail which appears to be stuck in the queue, but then some mails are going through. i can telnet to port 25. i have had stop iis7 and then move the email into pickup which is probaly not the best way for the mail to be sent out! can somebody please advise

i am running windows 2008 standard iis7

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sethisaurabhConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Assign Everyone Read Write permission on Pickup Directory and Some of mails got stuck due to deferred by various receiver (Yahoo, Hotmail). Check your server outgoing IP which must be full fill rfc requirement which is Reverse PTR. Server Name must be FQDN and not be blocked in any RBL list.
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