Migrating from Small Business Server 2003 to 2008 Failing.

I am attempting to run the migration tool on the windows 2003 server. After looking through the logs i noticed it points towards an issue with the forests. i cannot see how to change the forest levels in server management. I have attached the logs to show the error i am getting.
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Hi there
This is common and you must run the windows 2008 active directory prep tool located on your 2008 CD. This will prep the domain and forest before you can continue

Hope this points you in the right direction
TechdivisionAuthor Commented:
Where abouts is the prep tool on the Windows 2008 disk i am having trouble finding it.
ADPREP.exe is a command-line tool that is available on the Windows Server 2008 installation disc in the 'sources'adprep folder.

When you run it, it must be run ADPREP from an elevated command prompt. To open an elevated command prompt, click Start, right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator.

Where should I run ADPREP?

ADPREP /forestprep must be run on the Schema Master of a forest and under the credentials of someone in the Schema Admins and Enterprise Admins groups.

ADPREP /domainprep must be run on the Infrastructure Master of a domain and under the credentials of someone in the Domain Admins group.

Important: Since at the time of running ADPREP you still do not have any Windows Server 2008 Domain Controllers, it should be made clear that these commands MUST be run on EXISTING Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 Domain Controllers. That is why you MUST make sure you keep a copy of the 32-bit version of the Windows Server 2008 installation DVD. You cannot use the 64-bit version of the installation media to run ADPREP on 32-bit versions of Windows 2000/2003. Because Windows Server 2008 installation media is 64-bit by default, remember to request the 32-bit version when you get your copy. In case you don't have the 32-bit version available, you can also use the evaluation version of Windows Server 2008 32-bit installation media to run ADPREP, so just download the file from Microsoft's website, and use it to run ADPREP on your 32-bit Windows 2000/2003 DCs.
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TechdivisionAuthor Commented:
I have tried running that tool as you instructed above but command prompt is having issues seeing it in elevated mode. Please can you confirm that adprep is to be applied to windows server 2003. Would you mind giving me instructions of how to type in command prompt

This is the link that I origionally followed to get the adprep tool running. I ran this on all my domain controllers in order to prepare the domain to even introduce one 2008 server.

Im not in a position to actually run this command again on our servers as were on all 2008 so will not be able to advise. on the exact but there is screen shots in the linked article.

Hope that helps
TechdivisionAuthor Commented:
WIndows Server 2008 recorrected the forests once the wizard had been run

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Windows Server 2003

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