Extract filename from full path


I have a variable which contains the full file path for a file, example below:
C:\Documents and Settings\leecett\My Documents\output.txt

I want to extract the filename (without the file extension).

Note, the filename may contain other full stops / periods (e.g. output.one.txt), but will always have a file extension of .txt.

So I have a variable:
strFilePath = C:\Documents and Settings\leecett\My Documents\output.one.txt
I want a variable:
strFileName = output.one

Thanks leecett
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Assuming that the file name/path is in cell A1, and down the column, put this on cell B1 and copy down:


Check this link it should help. I would use the  instrev() function.


A little bit of code:

    strFilePath = "C:\Documents and Settings\leecett\My Documents\output.one.txt"
    strFileName = Right(strFilePath, Len(strFilePath) - InStrRev(strFilePath, "\"))
    strFileName = Replace(strFileName, "\", "")
    strFileName = Replace(strFileName, ".txt", "", 1, -1, vbTextCompare)

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Try like this:

Dim strpath As String
Dim FileName As String
strpath = "\\blah\blah2\blah3\test.xls"
FileName = Mid(strpath, InStrRev(strpath, "\") + 1)
MsgBox (Left(FileName, Len(FileName) - 4))

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MSmaxImplementation ConsultantCommented:
also try:

Dim temp As String, strFileName As String

temp = split(strFilePath, "\", vbBinaryCompare)
strFileName = Ubound(temp())
MSmaxImplementation ConsultantCommented:
now with missing comma

Dim temp As String, strFileName As String

temp = split(strFilePath, "\", ,vbBinaryCompare)
strFileName = Ubound(temp())
leecettAuthor Commented:
Thanks to you all for your advice and solution, I have developed the following:

Sub findfilename()
  Dim strFilePath As String
  Dim strFileName As String
  strFilePath = "C:\Documents and Settings\leecett\My Documents\output.one.txt"""
  strFileName = Mid(strFilePath, (InStrRev(strFilePath, "\")) + 1, (InStrRev(strFilePath, ".") - (InStrRev(strFilePath, "\") + 1)))
End Sub

Many thanks

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