Group Policy Adobe Flash 10 Active X Install


I need to deploy Flash 10 to the organisation. Problem is the previous Flash 9 was deployed to only some OU's, there looks to be 2 different GPO for flash player~(for differnet OU's),and the flash player 9/10 was installed on only some of the laptop/desktop builds. A bit of a mess really.

I have obtained an .MSI.

What is the best way of instaling it.Do i need to uninstall all previous versions and how do i do this? I dont really want to modify the previous GPOs and would like to do a fresh install.

When I have the above completed, I will be install it to the various OU's, stage by stage over the network. Some offices are on slow 2MB the less conjestion the better!

Any advice appreciated.

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LCMauriceAuthor Commented:
gpo best solution
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