Importing configuration file into Mobile VPN client

I''ve installed Watchguard Mobile VPN Client v 10.20 build 34 and would like to import configuration from SoftRemote 9.0.3 build2 mobileuservpn 6.1.1.

Possible?  *ini, *.pcf, *.wgx, *.wge or *spd are the filetypes wg mobile vpn client will import.

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dpk_walConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can request your firewall administrator to give you .spd or .wgx file which is automatically created on the management server; then you can import the VPN settings to your client.

Which model of WG appliance you have and which version of software are you running.

Thank you.
SteveIT ManagerCommented:
I'm always wary of doing imports on vpn configs - i'd jot down the config on the existing and manually setup the new
supportorangesAuthor Commented:
thanks for the tip - in setting up the new vpn here is what is asked for (in creating connection profile)
(it's my first time doing this - (can i get it from the hardware appliance - betcha i can?)
i'm terrified. can you give any insight into these parameters for setting it up manually?
 1.  gateway (tunnel endpoint) (must be the watchguard)
 2.  (extended authentication needed if so->)userid and password
 3.  exchange mode
 4.  PFS Group
  5.  IPSec Compression checkbox
 6.  pre-shasred key shared secret
  7.  local identity (IKE)  type and id
 8.  ip address assignment dns /wins
 9.  firewall stateful inspection (off / when connected / always
 10. only communication within the tunnel permitted
 11.  NetBIOS over IP
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supportorangesAuthor Commented:
sorry also there are two possible vpn client downloads:  one with IPSec and the other using SSL .

i assume the IPSec one is the most widely used.  never heard of vpn client using ssl.
SteveIT ManagerCommented:
you can get all settings from the hardware appliance, usually by browsing in IE to the ip address of the equipment and inputting the relevant username/password then checking the various areas to find the configuration.

If you have the config file from the previous setup, if you load it in notepad that may show you the values.....

For the VPN to function, the settings each end need to mirror each other....
SteveIT ManagerCommented:
Provided you don't change the hardware appliance settings there is no damage you can do - the worst that will happen is it won't connect and the attempt will get added to the log.

When logging on to check the settings onto the firewall/vpn appliance, always click cancel so you don't save any changes and don't rush or double cilck
supportorangesAuthor Commented:
you were right on.  this is the way to do it.  wgx is easily generated by using watchguard manager 11.2.1

then there's a lovely 'decrypt user profile' message.  this passphrase is a unique one which is also set up using watchguard manager 11.2.1

now i've got to figure out how to set up the mobile user+passwords.

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