How To Deploy OWA 2007

We are researching configuration options for OWA 2007.
We currently have a Sonicwall Pro 2040 configured with restricted port 25 access for our email.
What would be the preferred way to configure OWA 2007?
Do we need to create a DMZ? Should we be implementing Forefront TMG? What would be the best configuration for TMG if we did deploy?
Sorry to be vague, but we are open to any advice.
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digitapConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OWA 2007 utilizes ports 80 and 443.  If you have an SSL cert for OWA you'll only need to open port 443.  You shouldn't need to make any other changes.
for OWA 2007 you will only need to open port 443 on your firewall and map it to your Exchange server nothing more.

You do NOT need a DMZ in that case.

If you can afford to add a TMG/ISA you will be adding an additional layer of security since ISA/TMG will reverse proxy the requests to your exchange server and no external connection will be made directly with exchange however look at it as a luxury
Set up an ISA with 2 nics.(internal and external interfaces) Import the SSL certificates, set up an OWA publishing rule. For username/password authentication after that point, it is fairly simple. If your users have smart cards, authentication may get more involved if you choose KCD for authentication.
thanks for the points!
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