How to decode a .pst Files Data Block

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hi All .

          i am developing an Apllication in VC++ in which  i am tyrying to recover a email that is Deleted from Outlook. for that i am trying to a read  .pst file. but the .pst file is in compressable encrypted format.  so i am not able to read file. i have tried to open this .pst file in hex editor to read data from the file.
    but here all file looking like totaly garbase value.

so please tell me what is the exact Algo or technique that is used to encrypt this pst file so that i will able to decrypt this pst file.

or tell me any other technique by which i can recover deleted email that is deleted from deleted folder too.

thanking you
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I think you can use MAPI:

MSDN. PC MAPI: Sample C++ Code to Read Mail Messages

MAPI example code for getting folders and messages

CodeProject. Outlook Email Extractor

Enumerating emails in C++

Here is an interesting page:
Microsoft Outlook Programming

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