Lotus Notes - character limit in dialog box?

I am using  @dialogbox to display a print-friendly version of a document.  The form in the dialog box simply has a rich text field to display the document's contents.

It's been working quite well.  However, my client created a document which is extremely long with sections and sub sections.  The dialog box will not display all the content.

I've checked the text properties and there does not appear to be any thing which would cause the content to be truncated.

I think there may be a character limit but have been unable to confirm this.

Has anyone ever experienced this problem? Does anyone know whether there is a character limit to dialog boxes in Notes?
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I've never heard of such a limit.

If you wont be able to figure out where the problem lies, maybe you can evade it by opening print version of the document in the new tab, instead of dialog box?
rfoneillAuthor Commented:
I've been able to solve the problem.

I tried opening the print version in a new tab and the same thing happened.  So, I decided to check my rich text field.  I had been using a computed field to display the appropriate rich text field from the original form.  There are several rich text fields in the original form which are hidden and displayed depending upon the user's selection.

I had assumed I needed to use a formula to determine the user's selection and then display the appropriate rich text field.

It turned out that all I needed to do was have the same rich text fields in the print form which also had the same Hide When formulas.


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