Running two jobs one after the other

HI there

I'm trying to figure out how with BE12.5 i can run one job and then get the other to kick off as soon as the first job is done.

Basically I'm doing a Backup at night but then from that Backup I want to to a Restore to somewhere else.

So as soon as the backup has completed I'd like the restore to start

Any suggestions?
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You can enter them as two separate jobs. The backup first, then the restore a few minutes later. Of course, the restore will be queued up and waiting until the backup is finished, since (I assume) you only have a single tape, not a library. Once the backup completes, the restore will begin.

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Colchester_InstituteAuthor Commented:
Yeah thats how i thought to do it but that then means relying on the other job to finish in a set time and telling the second one to wait and not time out
True ... although I use an older version of Backup Exec, and it does not time out.
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Colchester_InstituteAuthor Commented:
I've also had another thought to this.....How do i do the restore when each night the tape that is backing up will be different.

So example....Monday, Tuesday,weds,Thu and Fri are the tapes backing up but each day i also want to restore from these tapes...Do i have to set up invidual Restores or is there a way I can just set on job?

The data on the back up is the same each night and thus technically the restore would be..if that makes sense
Again, I am referring to the older version of Backup Exec, but I think you will have to create a different restore job for each day of the week.
How about  a different solution: do the backup job in Backup Exec, and at the same time run a robocopy job that copies the data to wherever you were going to restore to? You will end up with the same result: data on the tape and the same data in your restore location.
Colchester_InstituteAuthor Commented:
Yeah its ok i thought about the robocopy also..... Plus i ve worked around hte needing different jobs as that was me complicating matters...I'm going with the First solution you mentioned as thats what i was planning and just wanted to see if ohters had any better ideas....I can set the start time till a couple of hours later and set the timeout period to a silly time :-)

Cheers for the advice.
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