APC UPS configuration and powerchute shutdown


I have several windows 2003/2008 and Linux servers connected to APC 1100 and APC2200 UPs.
I have installed network management inteface to monitor and manage UPS.

1.Now when Batter is critically low, I would like my servers to be shutdown . How can I do that using powerchute or any other software?

2. Is there any way I can turn up servers again when power resumes or battery is no mroe discahrged ?

All my servers are dell 1950 /2950 /r 800

Is there anything that I can achieve using dell server administrator?
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SteveIT ManagerCommented:
On our UPS this is configured via the network management card however powerchute can do this - just ensure you install powerchute then tell your ups the ip addresses of the relevant machines.

There are options dependent on model to be able to automatically shutdown the servers (you can input valid credentials into powerchute) at a set point e.g. at loss of mains power or at 10% remaining power

Also there are options to start the servers up again once constant power has been returned (i usually add a condition to wait for 15mins before starting the servers back up and don't start the servers back up if the battery level is less than 50%)
utlsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your info.

Can you send some more info on technical procedures for getting this achieved?
SteveIT ManagerCommented:
Logon to the UPS' management IP and click on the Powerchute option

Powerchute APC

Network Shutdown Install Guide

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utlsAuthor Commented:
ok i will try this ..thanks for your help.
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