IBM SAN Volume Controller

Can anyone assist with an IBM SAN Volume Controller issue?
We support one, maintenenance has expired.
A couple of hosts are not mounting the VDisks that have been assigned to them. They have worked previously, but have not connected since a power outage. Many other hosts are working fine, connecting to their VDisks.
One node, status is "Online".
Fifteen MDisks, all statuses are "Online".
One MDisk Group, status is "Online".
All Fabrics for the problem host are "Active".
The problem host is available on the network.
All VDisks are reporting a Status of "Degraded".

Reviewing IBM Documentation, specifically, it states that "If you have a degraded VDisk and all of the associated nodes and MDisks are online, call the IBM® Support Center for assistance."
That's my Catch-22, not having maintenenance on this thing, I can't make that call. And, the maintenance contract would buy a brand new SAN, not to mention the fact that we're trying to spend as little as possible.

I'm hoping to get some guidance on what this means, indications that IBM Support is the only option because they do something customized to solve the problem, etc.
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Not that this will be any particular help to you, but in a former life I supported a bunch of IBM SAN gear.  Good stuff, but when it came apart, it CAME APART.  I once spend 48 straight hours on the phone with IBM and another mysterious engineer (turned out to be from LSI, the company that made the controllers in the array I was working on), connected to the thing via rlogin and issuing command-line stuff in hexadecimal to get the system to come back up functional again.

IBM SAN support really is magical, and if the documentation tells you that you need to call them, well, it's been my experience...   :(


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LingerLongerAuthor Commented:
That's kind of what I figured, exx. I'm figuring the only way this may be fixable is with "magic hexadecimal" as you suggest, or a custom designed firmware file or something that essentially requires me to spend the $55K on the maintenance renewal.
I can't even imagine the amount of storage you must have that makes a maintenance renewal cost that much.

But, something tells me that the cost of LOSING that data would greatly exceed $55k.  Perhaps someone should point that out to management, it might help your case..

Either way, hopefully you get it resolved without losing anything.

Best of luck,
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