Microsoft Dynamics GPActrivity tracking

1. What are the disadvantage if we set up for all users activity tracking.

2. Is it reduce the perfomance

3. What is the best practice for setting up activity tracking.

4.Is it any improvement in activitiy tracking  set up for the versions latter than 8.00
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Steve EndowConnect With a Mentor Microsoft MVP - Dynamics GPCommented:

I wrote an article covering the setup and usage of Activity Tracking that may be of value to you.

Regarding your specific questions:

1) The primary disadvantage to setting it up for all users is that you will get alot of records in the activity table.  If you limit the types of activity that you track, you can try and manage that volume, but you may want to create a policy in advance that defines how often you will check the activity log, how much activity you will retain, and how often you will purge it.  As long as you do this occasionally, it should be manageable, and you can always monitor it and see how much data you collect each day/week/month.

2) Unless you have an extremely high volume environment, I don't think you should notice any performance reduction.  Users can only enter data into GP at a certain rate, so there should be no difference for data entry.  If you are doing high volume integrations, you may want to disable tracking for your import user accounts.

3) See my article for the setup process.

4) I have not observed any differences in the tracking features from 8.0 to 10.  


Steve Endow
Dynamics GP Certified Trainer
Dynamics GP Certified Professional

backer-mAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion of your block.

I got lot of information from that.
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