create a default value with the current time hh:mm:ss

It's bad enough that it will be stored as text but I can't believe that a time column isnt even a default option... but I digress

I would like to have a list that displays the current time (would be great if there was a NOW() function)

So when a new list item is created the current time down to the second is displayed.

My users should have the option of updating that but that's what I would like to display as the default.

How do I accomplish this?

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sullisnyc44Author Commented:
I need my users to be able to edit this field. So I think even if I wanted to (or knew how) to deploy the GAC exmaple I couldnt.

there isn't a way to even build the string and concatenate the current time?

like =text([today],"HH:MM:SS") or =concatenate(texthour(today)... etc ?

there should just be a hack like .... somehow using the TIME function or something...
nothing I am aware of other than the jquery otpion.
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sullisnyc44Author Commented:
OK took the shortcut and just made it a single line text field.

Now if I wanted to sort correctly by that column? Maybe in a hidden column? How would I could I accomplish that?
Sort correctly how? you have date then time or just time?
As long as you have a 0 in front of your numbers it should work properly.
go to list setting --> add new column --> select datetime ---> from the option select today
kindly see the attached

sullisnyc44Author Commented:
thanks but it gives me nothing valuable about the current time
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