How do we sysprep Windows Server 2003 Standard SP2?

Hi All,

We are having issues with one of our servers where it keeps freezing. We have it narrowed down to the RAID controller going out, which is causing the OS to freeze sporadically. This is not our problem though. We are trying to Sysprep this Server 2003 Standard to move it to a new computer. Every time that we try running Sysprep for Server 2003 SP2 we get an error that this is not the correct version and sysprep will not continue. We downloaded the update for SP2 from 
And this does not work.

Anyone have any ideas how to get this Windows Server 2003 SP2 sysprepped? Or at least in a state that we can clone it to another machine.
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I'd clone it to another machine first then sysprep the cloned machine....

Maybe this will help you.

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Also check that you have to correct architecture version of sysprep (x86, x64)
bkisielAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the solution, but still did not work. Instead of wasting anymore time with Server 2003, we are moving to Server 2008. Thanks again!
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