imaging w/ ghost

I do believe this has to be a driver issue.

I work for a place that buys a lot of PCs of the same mode, and on this occasion the PCs are HP 6005. Since the PCs are all the same, I usually use Norton Ghost in different ways to make an image and image it to the other HPs; network, drive to drive, from USB drive, burn image to DVDs, etc.; starting to roll out windows 7.
The problem I’m having w/ ghost w/ the HP 6005 is the finding the DVD drive.
The boot CD I’ve made and have used for a long time for ghost doesn’t find the DVD drive, and this is most likely because the BIOS is in AHCI mode. I don’t want to change from AHCI in the BIOS to IDE.

I’ve transferred the boot CD I used to a flash drive and boots fine but still won’t find the DVD drive, but it will find the other USB drive I put the image on and works fine, and this is the only way I’ve gotten the AHCI setting in the BIOS to work w/ ghost imaging.

The boot flash that I have will do the networking of ghost, but after the peer to peer imaging is done, the slave PC starts to boot in Windows 7 but restarts. When I use the repair function of Windows 7, it goes through its steps and shows that Windows 7 is on the D drive, which is why I don’t believe the networking part of ghost is working.

If it’s possible to find the DVD drive I could image it to DVD(s), but again, w/o find the DVD drive I can’t use that option.

I’ve tried using the latest version of the [Admin Edit], and when you manually choose to fine the CD/DVD drive, [Admin Edit] won’t find it either. If you boot [Admin Edit] w/o looking for the CD/DVD drive it works fine, but again, doing it that way leaves out the CD/DVD option to image to.

I do have a DOS AHCI drive that has worked w/ all the PCs I’ve image w/ in the past: Dell OPtiPlex 755, HP 5800…just doesn’t like this model of HP though
My hope is there’s some DOS drive out there somewhere that will find the CD/DVD drive w/ the HP 6005.

Anyone got any suggestions/ideas?

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your ghost version does not support SATA drives. Therefore, I would suggest getting the newer version of ghost.
here is a trick. download the symantec ghost solution trial from symantec website. the trial does not restrict the use of ghost. The only thing trial has restrictions on is the Ghost Conslole and other enterprise tools which I assume you don't even use. The most important thing for you would be to use the NEW Ghost boot disk creator to create a boot disk that will read your SATA DVD Drive. So no need to change it to IDE instead of AHCI

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kevluck373Author Commented:
I certainly would have never thought of trying what you mentioned unless you mentioned it to me, thanks!!

I’ve downloaded and have started playing w/ it, and it looks like it has a lot of potential & possibilities, but still at a tiny snag.
I can use the boot wizard to create a PC DOS or MS DOS bootable flash drive but still doesn’t see the CD/DVD drive for burning; however, I can use the boot wizard to make a bartpe bootable flash drive to run ghost32, and that sees the CD/DVD burner.

When I use the ghost32 off the bartpe flash drive it gives the trial message, and says it will timeout of 0 (0 null) and can restore only image files made by this particular copy.

I’m not sure if ghost32 is the same thing as you were saying such as ghost console & enterprise tools.

I’ve extracted another copy of ghost32 from one of [Admin Edit] but still get same message. BartPE certainly looks like the way to go, but it seems to use it a lot I’d have to buy it, and I’d think this type of Ghost would be expensive.

I think this would hopefully work, and it may come down to it, but since I’ve finished installing Windows & everything else in AHCI, I could change it back to IDE, boot of the CD and make the image. When I restore the image to another PC I’ll first change it to IDE, and when the image is restored change it back to AHCI; haven’t tried that method though.

The CD/DVD drive is actually a ts-8653r made by Samsung…I don’t think there is any DOS drivers for this drive. It could also have something to do w/ the chipset for the motherboard; it’s some ATI chipset. You’d think there’s a DOS driver of some type that’d work w/ this type of drive somewhere?
Any other ideas?
OK, ghost32 is in trial mode because it's running on virtual windows vista in a full 32 bit mode. but you get unrestricted dos version of ghost. Sorry for not mentioning it.
Now going back to your problem. I've used Dos version of ghost on many newer hardware, but I never paid attention to see if it recognized my CD-Rom Drives. Are you trying to burn the image to the CD/Dvd directly from ghost straight to DVD?
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kevluck373Author Commented:
Yep I'm trying to burn CD/DVD images w/ the DOS version of Ghost. I believe I could get an USB CD/DVD burner to work but rather just use the CD/DVD burner inside the PC.

I've tried booting from the latest [Admin Edit], 10.4, and when starting ghost you have the option to load the CD driver(s), but none of the drivers will pick up the burner; ghost32 did w/o any problems.

I've tried using the new ghost boot wizard that come w/ the trial version but doesn't pick up the CD/DVD drive. The CD/DVD drive works fine in Windows, which makes me think there's nothing wrong w/ the drive itself.

The ghost boot cd that I made and have been using for a long time has the cd/dvd drivers below. As you can see I use it for networking & burning to CD/DVDs.

If I leave the PC in AHCI mode I can boot off a flash drive and am able to do the peer to peer imaging, but after the slave PC is done and reboots it doesn't work. I've tried the Windows 7 repair once on a slave PC, and it finally came to the point saying repair d:\windows.

When booting from the flash drive it sees it as drive C, and there aren't any cd/dvd drive letters such as D, which is why I believe Windows goes to drive D. If there were a D drive for the cd/dvd drive perhaps the peer to peer would work.

I've tried using MS DOS boot along w/ PC DOS & both still see the flash drive as drive C

I hope somewhere there's an AHCI DOS drive that will work for the cd/dvd drive for this PC...HP 6005 microtower.

MENUITEM=3C90X, 3Com 3C90x
MENUITEM=e1000, Dell 240, 260, 270
MENUITEM=B57, Dell 280/620/hp6005
MENUITEM=745, Dell 745
MENUITEM=755, Dell 755/hp5800

DEVICE=qcdrom.sys /d:MSCD000
DEVICE=cd1.sys /D:banana

DEVICE=\USB\aspiehci.sys /int /all

DEVICE=\usb\usbaspi.sys /e /v

DEVICE=\3c90x\protman.dos /I:\3c90x

DEVICE=\e1000\protman.dos /I:\e1000

DEVICE=\b57\protman.dos /I:\b57


DEVICE=\755\protman.dos /I:e1000
kevluck373Author Commented:
I looked on Symantec’s site regarding Norton Ghost Solution Suite 2.5, and I’m really surprised to see it’s not that expensive; well, so I hope.

I don’t understand the licensing a %100, but just for one license the price would be just $16 and some odd change.

What can you do w/ just one license I wonder? If just one license would allow me to use the Ghost32 off the BartPE bootable flash drive to create/restore CD/DVD images along w/ the peer to peer over a network this would make me quite happy.

I assume if you just get 1 license you couldn’t use ghostwalker and whatever other utilities come w/ the suite, which is just fine w/ me if that’s the case. I suppose I’ll have to call Symantec and hopefully they’ll tell me what I want to hear; don’t see a way to contact them by email.
If you do quite a few computers with ghost i would get a usb dvd drive that you know works with ghost and just use that on every machine that you image to save any hassles in future.

I wouldnt advise using [Rhymes with Siren's] cd as this contains illegal software that has been modified and could be causing issues.

We normally use ghost over the network so much easier and can multicast to several computers at once.

Is the ghost image you are using a current one with all the correct drivers for the same mobo and components? If not you will have some major issues dude
kevluck373Author Commented:

Well much to my surprise the ghost solution suite was $20.00 & the $ for shipping & handling, and I decided just to buy myself a copy and play w/ it.

With this ghost suite you can fairly easily make flash boot disk w/ PC DOS or Bart PE.

I don't use ghost in all its way by any means, just imaging, but I'll have to see what just one version of Ghost I bought limits me to.

If I can do the peer to peer network w/ ghost I'll be fine.


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I deleted several references to a certain well-known CD
It contains pirated (stolen) applications and we do not allow any reference to it on our forum.

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