Installing 4gb qlogic switch into a DS 4700 SAN

The goal I am trying to reach is to be path fault tolerant. We currently have a DS 4700 hocked up to an IBM blade center 8677. The blade center only has one I/O switch which is a 4gb qlogic switch. We went ahead and purchased another qlogic switch which is the same model. My questions are
1. How do I setup this other switch? I have it installed in I/O bay 4 and can telnet into it. Is there any config to the switch itself that needs to be done?
2. Do I take controller B and hock it up to the second switch without configuring anything on the SAN or blade center? I would ahead and tried this and it did not work. So I am taking it there is some config on the switch or blade center. Controller A and B are currently hocked up to the first I/O switch.
3. Do I have to change any settings on the qlogic fiber card on the blades themselves? IE qlogic bois settings?
4. Is there anything else I am leaving out to make this multi-path fault tolerant system?
5. If you need any more information about the setup just let me know.
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The setup of the second switch should be identical to the first switch.  If you didn't do it, then I guess that would be where the confusion comes in.

I used to have a couple of DS4300's with a couple of older BladeCenters, and we used Optical Passthru's to Cisco MDS SAN Directors.  One thing I did notice about those was that you had to go into the management module of the BC and enable the cards after you installed them in the chassis.  Try that.  Look in the MM and see if there is something to enable the switch.  After that, it should be as simple as moving the cable for controller B from one switch to the other.  You May have to rescan the BIOS on the qLogic cards, but this would only affect boot-from-SAN.  Inside the OS, you should still be able to see the second path.  Make sure you have the MPIO or RDAC drivers installed before you try this (if you're going to do it hot).


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