Outlook 2003 Signature not showing up

Hi all,

Currently have a user who is using Outlook 2003 and having an issue where the even though the signature information is created and selected as the default signature for new and replied e-mail it will not show up when a new e-mail is created.  Any ideas?  
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htowntechyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make sure that it is not some HTML-based signature that he is trying to put into a rich text or plain text email.
Possibly the font color?
RyanMyers83Author Commented:
By not showing up I am referring to the entire signature, not just any images as many people seem to be having issues with.  
RyanMyers83Author Commented:
I am awarding you points simply because you gave a possible answer.  I did check for these possibilities however and it did not seem the case.  I left the user alone for a few hours to work on something else and upon coming back the issue was resolved.  I'm not sure if the user screwed something up then fixed it themselves (they won't fess up if that is the case) or some other reason but I appreciate your time in attempting to answer the question.
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