Winsock corrupted. Tried everything

I have a XP home SP3 PC that had an LSP infection. Used MBAM to clean it and now networking is messed up. (I'm VERY sure that the PC is clean now, except for this one thing) I'm sure the NIC is good b/c I booted w/ a PE disc and it's fine, also plugged in a trendnet usb nic and got the same symptoms:

-NIC gets a link, but DHCP doesn't work.
-If I statically assign an IP and everything, I can ping out to the internet but can't resolve hostnames.
-netdiag test fails with a "Failed to get UDP packet size information..." etc etc message.
- using the procedure for SP2+ to reset the winsock, it doesn't work. I tried it all manually and with LSPfix program.
-LSPfix mentions lsp.dll in the "REMOVE" column of the program but allowing lspfix to fix it does nothing
- I used msinfo32 per mskb article and it DOES have more than 10 sections listed, meaning there is a third party lsp installed.
-Did everything here: ("How to determine and to recover from Winsock2 corruption in Windows Server 2003, in Windows XP, and in Windows Vista") to no avail.

One WEIRD clue, maybe is that when I list ipconfig /all, it has 2 lines for IP Address. The first is the static IP I assigned and the second one shows up a few lines farther down, before the DNS IPs and it is BLANK. The PC thinks it should have 2 IP addresses for one NIC?

Anything else to try short of nuking the whole damn thing?

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Try LSPFix.  It should fix damaged WinSock stacks
RickNCNAuthor Commented:
Tried, that. You'll see in my post I mentioned:

"-LSPfix mentions lsp.dll in the "REMOVE" column of the program but allowing lspfix to fix it does nothing"

Thanks, though. ANything else?
Have you tried right-clicking on the network connection on [Control Panel]->[Network Connections] and choosing repair? Sometimes this can fix some issues.

Can you run these commands in a command prompt and post the output?

netsh interface ip show ipaddress

netsh interface ip show interface
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Seen something similar before and couldn't get to the bottom of it timewise :(

Can you paste Ipconfig /all   here and also a screen shot of Lsp fix

Also Run autoruns.
In Autoruns:
Hit options and check "verify code signatures" and rescan (F5 key)
Don't make any other changes...

Within Autoruns,select the file tab and select save(Ctrl+S) and save as AutoRuns Data (*.arn) -Output file is a few megs in sizeOnce saved then right click autoruns.arn and rename to autoruns.txt to upload


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RickNCNAuthor Commented:
I have put that hard drive on hold for a short while. I'll get back to it this weekend. Thanks
Let us know what you find
RickNCNAuthor Commented:
I will get back to this shortly. Other priorities have come up. Thanks for your patience.
RickNCNAuthor Commented:
you all did the best you could with what I gave you. Thanks for the info. I'm formatting it though. Thanks.
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