Port forwarding in SonicWall NSA 240?

I have been trying to set up port forwarding for our SonicWall NSA 240 to one of our DSLAM's. I have tried to follow SonicWall's manual but it is not working.

Sonicwall Gateway is

We are trying to connect to the DSLAM from remotely to 1702.

When I tried the xx.xx.xx.xx:1702, (xx being the WAN address), it won't connect. I used the public server wizard.

Help me get to the DSLAM remotely....

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Mandeep KhalsaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In Sonicwall use the wizard to publish a server. When asked create an entry for the DSLAM as an address object and the port number as a service and Sonicwall will do the rest. If it still doesn't work, post the entries that Sonicwall wizard creates and we can help further. I believe there should be atleast 3 lines created, one for loopback, one for NAT and one for opening the port in the firewall besides the service and address objects.
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