sys.sp_ms_marksystemobject for udf's?

hi i've used the procedure sys.sp_ms_marksystemobject successfully to mark sproc's as system objects but I have not been succesful attempting the same thing for functions. Is there a difference? Is a different syntax necessary?

(what actually happens is that it seems to register as a system function - it comes up in the right place under system functions - but i can't use it outside of the master database. I named fn_myfunction.)

please advise, thanks.
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Aneesh RetnakaranDatabase AdministratorCommented:
I dont think that's possible..

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Not sure you can do can mark the function, but I believe you will still have to have it in every db...unless of course, you start the function with sp_
AlizaNAuthor Commented:
interesting. it so happens that this function doesn't really access any data - it's just a calculation. so i left it as a regular function in the master db and reference it as master.dbo.myfunction.
thanks for the confirmation.
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