how can i count number of characters in string with coldfusion ?


i want to count the number of characters in string (access database) with coldfusion. any solution ?

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Try this

ListLen(string, "/"), this will split the string on each /  you will then need to -1 from the count of the result and this should  give you the /
 <cfset slashCount =  ListLen(string, "/") - 1>

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represente03Author Commented:
sview it's not a word that i want to find but the number of all characters in string.

HyperBPP the function len() is a good solution i have test it but how can i count the number of characters of several string ?
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represente03Author Commented:
how can i addition these several characters in a <cfoutput query> ?
len(variable1 & variable2 & variable3 & etc)

<cfset temp = ""/>
<cfoutput query="name">
     <cfset temp = temp & queryField/>
represente03Author Commented:
ok thanks and last thing please, how can i say that:  after 200 characters, "do this" ?
> but how can i count the number of characters of several string ?

It depends. In some cases it makes more sense to do the counting in CF, while in others you'd use a db function. For example, if you wanted to get the maximum length of all values in a column named "LastName", you'd use the db functions. The function names are db dependent: MS SQL it is LEN(), MySQL it's LENGTH(), etc....

SELECT  MAX(LEN(LastName)) AS MaxLength FROM SomeTable

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