schedule the job in SSRS 2005.

Hi Experts,

Report requirement to schedule the job to run on last day of each month."

So could you please  walk me through steps of how to achieve the above requirement.


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You will need to make an app or maybe a trigger SP to run at the end of the month.
Which would call up your SP and Report. Your company may already have a scheduler program. Then all you have to do is add your requirements to it.
n_srikanth4Author Commented:
Hi planocz:

Could you please give an example and explain in detail  with the  SP Code , which would trigger  and schedule to run on the last day  of the month. I appreciate your reply



Megan BrooksSQL Server ConsultantCommented:
You can schedule a job to run and create snapshots using Report Manager.
In summary,
  • Deploy the report to SSRS, or create a linked report from an already-deployed report
  • In Report Manager, locate the report and go to the Properties page
  • Under Parameters, make sure that all parameters (if any) have appropriate default values. Reports run in batch cannot have interactive parameters, for obvious reaons.
  • Under Execution, select "Render this report from a report execution snapshot" and "Use the following schedule to create report execution snapshots"
  • Select or create the schedule and click "Apply."
The only tricky part is that you won't be able to directly ask for the report to run on the last day of the month. The Report Manager dialogs are oversimplified in that respect. So select some other day of the month, say the 1st, and go ahead and schedule the job. I recommend using a shared schedule for this, because it might make maintenance a little easier.
To create a shared schedule, in Report Manager click "Site Settings" at the upper right of the page and then click Schedules. You need to have sufficent permissions before these links become visible.
After you have created the schedule, whether shared or embedded, in SQL Server Management Studio connect the the SQL Server where the ReportServer database resides, go to the SQL Server Agent-->Jobs node, and find the SQL Agent job that you just created. Look for a job that has a GUID for a name (e.g. DA6B4095-9FEC-4A5F-8978-6DF45796C426). If you have a lot of SSRS scheduled jobs, you may have to hunt around for it (check the create date/time of each job if necessary).
When you find this job, edit it and go to Schedules. You should find the same schedule there that you created earlier. Double click this schedule to edit it and NOW you can set the schedule to run on the last day of the month (Frequency-->Occurs-->Monthly-->The-->last-->day of every-->1-->month(s). As long as you don't edit the schedule again from within SSRS, the new setting should "stick" (I really hope I remember this right--I haven't done it in a long time). Again, I think it will be better if you use a shared schedule dedicated to this purpose.

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n_srikanth4Author Commented:
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