VB.net splash screen with progress bar WHILE main form loads

I have a form that I want to be started as a splash screen. It has a progress bar and labels that are updated while the main form loads and gathers file system information into listboxes.

I then want the splash screen to close after progress bar is full.

How can I accomplish this?
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Simply show the splash screen as a non-modal form i.e.  Show rather than ShowDialog

In your main form initialisation routine.....

dim splash as new MySplashScreenForm

   splash .Show

   ' do stuff here include lines to update progress bar on splash
   splash.progress = 90

   splash .Close

End Try
MaxDes101Author Commented:
it tells me the mysplashscreenfrom type is not defined....
You have to create a form to represent the splash screen - in my example I assumed the form is called MySplashScreenForm.

Design the splash screen just like any other form by placing controls (such as a progress bar) on its surface.

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Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
What version VB.Net you working with?
MaxDes101Author Commented:
visual studio 2008 pro
I have it coded as you suggested. testing now.

MaxDes101Author Commented:
I have tried this and the splash screen's label and progressbar don't update and the window looks frozen. Then the main form opens.

MaxDes101Author Commented:
Just figured it out on my own.

Just made form2 the splash via settings not code. Changing label so the label text is not default so it doesn't look so bad.

Thanks anyhow.

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