How to reduce size of application data folder

I have a relatively small partition for my OS. The largest object in this partition, not associated with the OS,  is the administrator account's application data folder (5 GB). How can I reduce the footprint?
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Search through there, it shouldn't be that large. Seriously I'd check the size of each and every folder. There is more than likely one folder in there that is causing this. Find out which one it is, and delete what's inside (if you can).

I used to see this with Symantec AntiVirus.
It appears that the Administrator account is or has been in regular use. Best practice would be to create a personal account and use that for daily use, reserving the Administrator account for those rare occasions when it is needed. But at this point that would probably be too disruptive.

The application data folder is used by applications to store user specific data. This data may be critical to the application so be very careful about what you delete.
Check for hidden files. It sounds like you may have a bunch of temp files / cache. Go to view options, show all files.

Hope that helps!

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A util I often download is foldersize it's free for 14 days and  drills down through folders even hidden to give you an idea of what's in there
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