Database connection from MVS / z/OS to SQL server (via ODBC or native)

IBM provides a way to connect to DB2 databases from Open world : DB2connect.
DB2connect authenticates a client, and handles eventual EBCDIC / ASCII-UNICODE conversions.

Oracle has a product (Access Manager for CICS) that allows CICS transactions

I am looking for a similar product that would give z/OS programs (typically COBOL programs) running into JES2 / CICS access to MicroSoft SQL server.

To summarize, I'm looking for an equivalent of ODBC connectivity for z/OS

Thank you, guys.
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Chris MConsulting - Technology ServicesCommented:
Chris MConsulting - Technology ServicesCommented:
All you have to do is pickup the JDBC driver you need for CICS and connect with it to SQl server.

I have provided the list of JDBC drivers you can work with in the previous post.
Have a good day.
fanlabizAuthor Commented:
That's not so simple :

I don't want to communicate with SQL Server from Unix System Services (USS), but from CICS COBOL transactions or from COBOL batches launched within JES2.

I need to open a DB connection to SQL Server from CICS or JES2, in order to access an SQL server database.
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Chris MConsulting - Technology ServicesCommented:
Most of the recommendations I see will require building some connector through programming.

Most recommendations involve building your own connector using any preferred language like java or C# and the n using it to connect to SQL.

It seems to be a programmers world here. lol

I have not yet seen any other way of doing it.
Good luck.

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I believe that MS provides a type 4 JDBC driver for SQL server.  If you are running Java in your CICS you may be able to use this.

At one time MS talked about adding DRDA support to MS SQL server, I don't know if they ever did.  If they did, then you could define the SQL data base as a remote database to DB2 on z/OS (assuming you have DB2 on z/OS) and then access the data that way.

Not sure how to do this in batch mode, unless MS has added DRDA support.
fanlabizAuthor Commented:
Thank you  qiltjr but JDBC is Java related and Java also means USS (JES2 & CICS use to run COBOL or PL/I progs). I also heard about this DRDA linked database, meaning that your progs talk to DB2 but your requests are forwarded to a remote database.

But I feel that my solution is located around Host Integration Server (HIS), around "Host Initiated Process".
Anybody already used this and has architecture samples to provide me ?
HIS is basically MS's SNA stack.  It will NOT allow DB2 on z/OS to magically talk to MS SQL server. It allows SNA communication on Windows platforms.   You would need to write you own process that talks from z/OS to Windows and have a program on Windows to the MS SQL server interaction and pass back the results.  

This is writing your own "z/OS to MS SQL server"communication  program.  Which is what has been recommended here and is normally done.

CICS can run Java programs.  I am not sure how to talk from CICS Cobol or PL/I to CICS Java, but I know I have read that it can be done.

The batch part is going to be the tough part.  I don't think there is a way to have bactch Cobol or PL/I talk to Java in batch.

fanlabizAuthor Commented:
Thank you guys for your help. It seems that I have to build my own gateway using HIS or so.
I will split awarded points between both of you as you both tried to help.
fanlabizAuthor Commented:
Still some work to do before hitting target...
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