Cannot find a Video Driver for my laptop

My laptop:  emachines (ACER) E627 with ATI HD 3200 video.
The ATI HD 3200 catalyst drivers don't work on this machine.    Any suggestions?   When I install the drivers, it gives a catalyst initalization error and halts.
I've installed version 1 and 2 of the dotnet framework.

The details tab for the display driver shows this:

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Try Everest Home Edition.
make sure its hardware that you are downloading the driver for.
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HJohnsonAuthor Commented:
I've tried both the acer and amd drivers and neither work.  

crzy - I'm not sure what you are referring to with the Everest program.  What do I use this for?
I checked the Acer driver suggested by GKalosky and it appears to be the right one. have you tried installing it manually?
HJohnsonAuthor Commented:
I ran the setup routine that came with it.   How would I install it manually?
The majority of the time, Everest will list your hardware even if you don't have the drivers installed.
In the Device Manager, open the device then select the Drivers tab
Click  Update Drivers
In the Hardware Update Wizard tick No, not this time then next.
Then select Install from a list ......... then Next
Select Don't search ............. then Next
Then click Have Disk then Browse to the folder that you extracted the files to and locate the .inf file. (I tink they are in C:\ATI)
After continuing from there it might ask for .sys, .dll or .exe file locations. Again, just Browse to the folder that you extracted the files to and locate the needed file.
I am not great with instructions so if anything is not clear, just ask.

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HJohnsonAuthor Commented:
Woooo!  That worked perfectly, I was able to install the specific drivers for the HD 3200 ATI chip set.   The laptop looks beautiful now!  
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