Phisical to Virtual machine creation

I am trying to create a virtual DC from a physical DC.  I am using Virtual Machine manager and per instructions I am doing it in the off line mode.  I get to about 59% and the process fails.  I have checked the scvmm_winpe_setupapi.log and that shows that the drivers were loaded successfully.  I get the following error message and I can't seem to find a solution.  Darth is the host server running Server 2008R2.

Error (2912)
An internal error has occurred trying to contact an agent on the server.
 (Unknown error (0x80072f05))
Recommended Action
Ensure the agent is installed and running. Ensure the WS-Management service is installed and running, then restart the agent.
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Sounds like your .iso system may be corrupt. Try to create a fresh copy of the system installer and try again. If it still persists then its possibly a hardware issue. Can you give some more info on what versions your using, etc? thx.
Syed Mutahir AliTechnology ConsultantCommented:
You can use a free utility called Disk2VHD

If it is only 1 - 5 Servers ; run the utility on every system, very quick and efficient - takes about 30 minutes or less sometimes depending on the size.

successfully converts a physical online machine (windows 2003 and above) into a Hyper-V VHD.
Syed Mutahir AliTechnology ConsultantCommented:

(one of the suggestions on the above thread).

Have a look at the above thread, If you have SCVMM installed on the same machine as the Self-Service Portal for SCVMM, and the SSP has SSL enabled, then you must stop the web site to P2V or V2V.  Stopping the site allows for port 443 to be used by another process.   I would suspect that setting the Self-Service site to use a dedicated IP Address would correct the issue
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aek333Author Commented:
We finally found a thread online that said to use a dynamic ip address instead of static.  That did the trick, but we have no idea why.  Thanks to everyone who answered our request.
Another option is to build a Windows 2008 virtual member server and then promote it to a domain controller. If you intend on the physical no longer being a domain controller, transfer all the FSMO roles to the virtual DC and then demote the physical.
aek333Author Commented:
We found that we needed to use a program from HP that added drivers for the older Proliants to the drivers on the 2008 virtual machines.

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