Using Remote Desktop Web Connection as a substitute for Remote Web Workplace.

Hi Folks

Using Remote Desktop Web Connection as a substitute for Remote Web Workplace.

NB The attached file includes the text of this question + Screen Shots
It will make much more sence with the screen Shots.

I accept that Remote Web Workplace as seen in Windows Small Business Server 2003 will not work in Windows Server 2003. Unfortunately my need for something like it still exists.

Through Experts Exchange I have been directed to the following article for Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Connection.

From within my internal network it works very well and will allow users to connect to other computers either by entering the IP address or the computer name.

On local workstation

My problem arises when I try to access Remote Desktop Web Connection remotely from outside the internal network.

This will allow you to access the Remote Desktop Web Connection screen on your server over the internet.
If you try an IP Address you get a blank screen.

If you but in the compute name. You get an error message VBScript: Remote Desktop Disconnected.
If you try a computer name you get the above message, even if you use sbsserver.DOMAIN.LOCAL.

Any help on this would be appreciated.

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you cant get to each machine from the outside world by name or IP address - the outside world only know about the IP address of your internet connection - which is then typically forwarding port only to your server.

the 'easiest' way around this.
host each PC's TSweb/rdp  on a different port - and then get your router to forward that port to each PC. - this would then require each PC to be on a fixed IP address.
then from the outside world you can connect using the appropriate port for the PC you want.

its not pretty and in many respects I would simply recommend installing a terminal server just for this purpose.

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You could set up a VPN between the server and client, like Logmein Hamachi and then have them access the tsweb like you do internally.
The other way is to follow wolfcamel's comments on setting up a external dns entry like which you would route to your external ip address and configure the ports. This is very messy and I would only do this for a few users.
The other option would be to upgrade to SBS 2008, problem solved :-).
Heber_Mac_GuinnessAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys

Thank you for replying. Internally with in the intranet the Remote Desktop Web Connection worked well. Fortunately we do not have that many users who have to log on externally. I think that the simplest solution is to use Remote Desktop and set up individual listening ports and route them to individual IP addresses. Basically what I think wolfcamel said.

I was hoping that the remote desktop web connection would work as it provides a “Clean” interface with the internal computers.   But if it is not to be then that is that.

Do you mind if I hold this open for a few days “Just in Case” somebody knows a work round that will not involve multiple port redirections.

Then in the meantime as a test just install the LMI Hamachi and see how it works for you, it's free to try and easy to setup.
NP, in leaving it open that call is up to you.
Heber_Mac_GuinnessAuthor Commented:
What I was trying to achieve was a clean interface for a small number of external computers to be able to connect to internal computers.  While remote desktop with “matched ports to internal computers” does the job it does involve a bit of administration.  I accept that I can’t have Remote Web Workplace as seen in Windows Small Business server 2003 but it is something equivalent to it that I want in Windows Server 2003.

If any body has a suggestion it would be appreciated by more people than Me, I believe.

Thank you for at least replying to my question.

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