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Exchange 2010 Calendar Permissions Inconsistant

ProtocolTech asked
We have recently migrated an exchange 2003 network to exchange 2010.  Our process took a few weeks and essentially we followed steps similar to this article:
This network has perhaps 80 users; 20 users have access to about 30 other user's calendars, their permissions are set as owners -all users use OL2003

What we are experiencing are problems with users consistently accessing these share calendars.  If staff have been in calendars & go to another program & back, they will get an error stating they do not have sufficient permission to open the calendar folder, or operation failed.  They can also get this error if they have opened too many calendars or received an error on attempting anyone of them.  Although I can’t find a common denominator for this problem, one work around is have them close and open outlook.  They will then regain access to the calendar they were just blocked from before, though they may now be blocked from another’s they just had access to before they closed and opened Outlook.

This has been the work around for end users.  Can’t open a calendar? Then close and open outlook and try again.  Needless to say it’s crazy making for my end users and has me feeling the pressure.

Any help would be appreciated.

PS I have tried this tip:
Set-RpcClientAccess –Server Exchange_server_name –EncryptionRequired $True
from http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2006508  but my server was already set to False.

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Follow this Article to fix your Clendar issues. In Summary you will need to use Calendaring Rapir Assistant to fix sharing and other stuff.



For what it's worth - my organization is having the same problem.  It only happens to users who are running Outlook 2003 (regardless of revision).  Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 beta are not affected. I don't think the solution has anything to do with repairing calendars due to the fact that if an affected user switches Outlook versions (from 2003 to 2007), the problem goes away....


Ha, the client is scheduled to go to Office 2010 soon after it's released this summer.  But for now I must find an answer cause pushing out a beta could cause me more grief.  

Calendar repair assistant would be good for general maintenance but don't know if I want to implement that tool and hope for the best.  I fear it might just add more to the problem.  Thanks for that info though, didn't know about it and would run it once my Exchange store is better.

I have created a new outlook profile for some cilents to test.  They still have the issue and now specifically get this error:

"the connection to the microsoft exchange is unavailable.  Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action"

Odd that if I uncheck all my user's shared calenders, close and open outlook, I can sometimes click all the shared calender names (12) in the left column and get them all checked and viewable before I get the above error.;  I then have full access as I should to those calendars.  I can deselect them and reselect at will.  But if I close outlook and open again... no joy.  I also rarely get more than 3 or 4 names selected before I run out of time.

Just some more information:
Network is 2003 Domain
One LAN, no routers, no VLANs
Exchange 2010 on a 2008 Member Server
Exchange 2008 was added to coexist with Exchange 2003
Exchange Store etc was migrated over a period of 2 weeks.
Exchange 2003 services stopped on Week 2
Exchagne 2003 uninstalled start Week 3

Calendar issues started during the migration.  After a few days with both exchange servers online, Exchange 2010 being the SMTP\Edge server we started moving mailboxed.  Those moved to Exchange 2010 had issues seeing the calendars of those mailboxes still on 2003.  Chose to move forward and completed the move of all mailboxed (90).  That is how I got myself here. -sigh-

Feels like I'm chasing my Tail


Taking the lead from klj2361, Outlook 2010 from Office 2010 Beta works just fine on my LAN regarding Calendars.  Anyone know when Microsoft plans on patching Outlook 2003 for me? ;o)
I posted this question on our MS Partner Forum and found this post:
MSFT's comments 20 days ago:
Based on my further research, there is a known issue for Outlook 2003 client to open share calendars in Exchange 2010.
Our Develop Team are now closely working on this issue and it is scheduled to be fixed in Rollup 5 for Exchange 2010.
Currently, you may use OWA to open shared calendars as a workaround.
Thank you for your kindly understanding!
I'm not sure when will the Rollup 5 be released.
Ok, I'll just wait for it to be released. However, I believe you mean Rollup 3. I have found Rollup 1 and 2 for Exchange 2010, and I guess the next rollup will be 3. :)
This fix is actually still being testing and editing, and is planned to be released in Rollup 5 which means still several months to go.
 Your time and patience is appreciated!
My comments:
Ugh!!  Thanks for you help on this but I'll have to make that call the MS for this, perhaps a hotfix is available.
We discovered the same issue in our test environment when performing a migration from EX03 to EX10 with Outlook 2003/SP3 as the client.  

You can wait for a roll-up (or EX10/SP2) and hope it fixes the issue, or you can try what worked for us ... We simply deleted the existing shared calendars from the Outlook 2003 client and re-added them. They all work fine now.

As and FYI regarding our test environment:
EX10 was installed into EX03 environment (single server site).  The EX10 box contains the CAS, Hub, and Mailbox roles. All user mailboxes and PFs were moved to the EX10 box and EX03 was decommissioned and removed per recommended practices.  

As documented elsewhere, other issues when using Outlook 2003 with Exchange 2010:
   1) Must have Outlook 2003 SP3 installed.  
   2) Encryption must be enabled on the Outlook 2003 client (or disabled on EX10 server ) so that it can connect to CAS.
   3) Outlook 2003 client must be in cached mode.  If not, because of changes in client-server communication, there can be 30+ second delays in the client refreshing after a deletion or move of a folder item.

Best of Luck....