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I have a 2003 DC server on a 2003 domain, I also have an astaro gateway/filter in the reports section of the astaro it reading that the DC has over 200,000 connections in the last 24hrs, and its growing! I can veiws past reports and it only had 800000 for all of march, I ran a virus scan found nothing, looked in the processes and found nothin out of the ordinary. Yesterday we added another server as a backup DNS server and had to rebuild on of our DHCP scopes as it was not retaining settings with reboots or starting or stopping the service. Not sure whats happening her any thoughts? I know its kind of vague but thats all I have.
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giltjrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well 200,000 connections in a 24 hour period is not that many and 800,000 connections for a month seems real low to me.

However it may depend on how big your enviroment is and what this DC is doing.

You also need to know Astaro counts as a connection?  A dns resolution request uses UDP which is connectionless, however some network utilities count this as a "request/connection".  If Astaro counts a dns resolution request, then 800,000 is real low unless you only have like 10 client PC's in your network.

Do you allow inbound access to this DC from the Internet?

If Astaro does not tell you what these connections are (DCHP request, DNS requests, file sharing requests, print, ect.) then you may want to do a packet capture to see what these "connections" are.
giltjrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oh, your title has concurrent connections, but you stated connections over a 24 hour and monthly period.

I am assuming that you did not have a peak of 200,000 or 800,000 concurrent connection during the time period, that the 200,000 and 800,000 is a total number of connections during that time period.

I don't think Windows could even handle 200,000 concurrent connections and if it could you would need a "huge" server.
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