Change program name

Hi Expert,
I am using VS and my program named myProgram. While my program is running, I'dlike
to change my program name to different name so that I can another instance of my program
for debugging. How can I do it under VS 2008?

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mikebirtConnect With a Mentor Commented:

i'm not sure i understand what you want to do here, so i've got a few suggestions which may help.

firstly, to change the name of your program you need to change the name of the assembly it produces when built. to do that right click the project, go to properties. on the top tab (Application), you'll see the output filename in the assembly name text box. change that, rebuild and the exe produced will be named accordingly.
secondly, you can start a new instance for debugging by right clicking the project, go to debug then go to start new instance.
Thirdly, you can attach your debugger to an already running application. to do that drop down the debug menu, click attach to Process. scan the list of processes and select the one you want then click attach. If it helps, order the processes by Type, that will help you to identify the different processes.


jtran007Author Commented:
Thanks a lot,
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