Users Denied Outside access from LAN - VPN to them ok.

Messed up something on my Cisci ASA5505 box for one office and need help!  

Two subnets connected by a VPN.
I am able to connect to the Cisco box internally using VPN from 192.168.2.x to
2.1 network can connect to all inside and outside.
1.1 network can only connect to itself internally but is being denied any access OUTSIDE.  

Being shown error of IP Packed denied by ACL.  Deny UDP Src inside dst outside by "inside access in"

Also DENY igmp inside to outside.
So basically all inside routing is being blocked.

Can't ping anything outside.  I am remoted into the server over there so I have access to the desktop and network there.  Just cant' get to the internet from that side.

THe inside network is UP
The outside network is showing up.  

I am sure I messed up some VPN or what's the ACL thing?  

Any help appreciated.  I am not great at all with Cisco so please be kind...

Thanks so much!

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Skol2uConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I have no idea how to do that , sorry.
I was able to fix the issue. by using the Cisco ASDM 5.2 for ASA configuratin program via my internet browser.  I don't know how to do the command line via telnet.  
I had added tcp and a udp port opened on the router for 2307.
I then went back and removed it.  Viola - it worked.  Glad it works but now my IM program that needs to run on 2307 internally won't.  UGH.
Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division Commented:
plase show booth devices config, and sh cry isa sa
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