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I am looking for a solution to add instant messenging capabilities with Exchange 2007. I've been reading about Office Commuicators Server but I'm wondering if its a requirement for install to have a CA within the network. Currently we do not.

We are just looking for an IM solution only, no SIP, voice or conferencing.
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I would definitely suggest Office Communications Server as it integrates perfectly with Exchange and Outlook.  It is a little overkill if you're not doing any of the other features, but you won't find a product out there that integrates with other office products as well as the communicator client.

I  believe certificates ARE required, but you definitely do not have to install a CA.  Pretty sure you can just use 3rd-party certificates.

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well as stated OCS is the way to go it is a wonderful platform if you want something to integrate with what you have however a little bit on the expensive side only for IM.

you will need a certificate authority but building one is totally free so it won't be a problem
danherbonAuthor Commented:
will implementing a CA into our current infrastructure cause any authentication issues? currently our users come into work in the morning and login via their domain user and strong passwords. I guess the second part of the question is what exactly will the benefit be of adding a CA?
adding a CA will not affect in anyway the day to day operation, it is a service you are adding you don't have to use it, you will use it only when/where needed
danherbonAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys. I will read more into PKI before I proceed with OCS.
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