Click email link does not open browser

I am using FireFox (latest version) on my PC with WinXPpro (SP3).

Previously when I clicked a link in an email (using Thunderbird) it asked if I wanted to open this link, and if I answered Yes, it opened the webpage in the browser.

Now it still asks if I want open the link, but when I say YES, I get a message saying unable to point the browser at the page. ie. It does not open the browser.  The same happens if I click links in other email programs, eg MailWasher.

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My Computer>Tools>Folder Options>File Types

Check the values of "URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol", and "URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol with Privacy" file associations

A screenshot of the problem/messages might be helpful as well....
chrismanchesterAuthor Commented:
>> My Computer>Tools>Folder Options>File Types
>> Check the values of "URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol",
>> and "URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol with Privacy" file associations

Both "URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol" and "URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol with Privacy" have Extensions set as (NONE).
If I click on Advanced, it shows just one entry under actions:  Open
If I click Edit, the screen shows:
   Application used to perform action: ...  \FireFox.exe
   Use DDE box is ticked
   DDE Message:  "%1",,0,0,,,,
   Application:  FireFox
   DDE Application not running:
   Topic:  WWW_OpenURL

Both URLHyperText.... and   URLHypertext... with Privacy  are the same.

Couple of screenshots attached. One shows message from within MailWasher. The other shows menu when I right-click a link in Thunderbird -- and if I select the option Open in Browser, nothing happens.
chrismanchesterAuthor Commented:
Here is the second screen shot
Newly released Acronis True Image 2019

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Uninstall/reinstall firefox, and when prompted to make it the default, make sure to say yes....

Also, look in the registry for the following.....


See if there are any subkeys for .url, and if so, delete them....
chrismanchesterAuthor Commented:
I have uninstalled and then re-installed Firefox.

And edited the Registry and removed the key for .URL  (there were no subkeys under that)

But this has not solved the problem :-(
chrismanchesterAuthor Commented:
I still look for a solution.

Heer are other things that also don't work on this PC. Maybe this gives a clue to what is the problem.

I have RoboForm installed, and it works OK.
EXCEPT that when I select EDIT I just get a blank window. (The RoboForm Forums say they do not have an answer)

If I view a directory listing, right click on a file (eg a textfile) and say OPEN WITH EditPadPro, then EditPadPro is opened, and it has the name of the testfile, but the text area just has a few nontext characters. If I open the File using EditPadPro, then it opens normally and I see all the text.

This PC is on my home network. This PC can read/write files on other computers.
Other computers can see the files on this PC (ie. view a directory listing) BUT cannot move or copy or edit any of the files. I have tried hard to find what is stopping this, but so far I have failed.  As far as I can see this PC is set to allow full file access and sharing from the other PCs. I have changed Firewall and re-setup the network.

So maybe all these problems relate to some sort of Permissions error?  Do the above problems have anything in common? I think some of them use DDE -- what could stop that from working on this PC?
chrismanchesterAuthor Commented:
I solved this problem by doing a Repair Install of Windows.  And without any further changes to anything all of the other software now works correctly.   So we still do not know exactly what was wrong, but it looks like some problem in Windows.
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