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master password for my dell latitude e6400 laptop

My girl's friend brother bought this nice dell laptop e6400 on ebay. but when you boot it up its saying that it needs the system or administrator password. i know that there must be somewhere a master password list. we called Dell but because ther laptop doesn't has the service tag they don't provide any support. basically the laptop is useless without this password. anybody can tell me how to find a dell keu generator or this master pawwrod list please. [email removed by MASQ] thank you very much.
1 Solution
Not sure if your talking about the bios password or windows password. You can recover the bios password by pulling out the battery and letting it drain, or by pulling out the connector inside. The best thing to do is lookup bios resetting instructions for your model with the manufacturer. If its the windows password itself then you should reinstall it - especially since you got it off ebay. There are some other methods if you want to 'hack into it' but I won't discuss those here.

Hope that helps!
ghaisAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your reply proadmin. yes is the bios password. i already remouved the battery waited 30 minutes and also removed the onnector.still it is asking for the password. i was reading that the other possibility i have is is to find the master password. but i don't know where.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
You won't be able to reset this one by pulling the battery as the password is stored in non-volatile RAM.
The only way to reset it is to prove ownership and get Dell to do it.  Otherwise you could try removing the BIOS chip and replacing it but unless you are proficient at soldering you are out of luck.
Dell do have a reset system based on the Service Tag but access to unlocking data is seriously restricted nowadays to prevent the loss of corporate data and dissuade laptop theft.
All the big manufacturer's now use NV-RAM to store security data because they need the confidence of the corporate marketplace.
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Rob HutchinsonDesktop SupportCommented:
Yeah, not that you are not aware already, but the laptop was most likely stolen...for two reasons, one, the laptop is password protected, and two the serial number is gone.
Here is a similar post, I believe they had the same conclusion.

☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Two other points
The Latitude Key Generator doesn't work with anything younger than the "C" series (which are now nearly 10 years old).
You shouldn't post your email address in the open thread
a) Solving questions using email is prohibited in the Membership agreement you signed up to
b) Spam crawlers will pick it out and add you to their mailing lists.
I've taken the liberty of removing it for you. If you want your email address on the site then feel free to post it in your Member Profile but try to disguise it enough that it won't get grabbed by a WebBot
ghaisAuthor Commented:
sorry masqueraid. its my first time that i am using expert exchange. everybody is using it and i wanted to try now that i am trying to help others...i can see that i have a lot to learn.thank you everybody for your feedback.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
No problem, we're all here trying to help :)

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