Retrive Latitude and Longitude using Mouse Click

Hello All-

I'm using a ArcGIS Server Web ADF application and would like to know how to get Latitude/Longitude values using a mouse click on the map.  Is there a tool or some code I could incorporate to get a popup box showing those values using Javascript?

Please let me know.
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Mohamed_allabakashSr. ManagerCommented:
JoshinHtownAuthor Commented:
This did'nt really help me any.  For one, I'm not using a DEM and I don't see where there are referencing a web application.  I simply have a web application that consumes a map service.  The map service is in UTM coordinates and I have figured out to get the UTM XY values returned by hovering the mouse over the map.  I then have a seperate Javascript function that will convert the UTM coordinates to Lat/Long.  My solution will work for the time being.   But thank you though..

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">

        // must occur immediatly, not after load
        arcgisWebApp = new ESRI.ADF.WebMappingApplication.WebPage();


        function initialize() { 
          var map = $find('Map1');            
          map.add_mouseMove(btnToGeographic_OnClick);    //This is the function that has a series of math formulas that converts UTM to Lat/Long and displays results using Windows Status bar

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Molnar IstvánHelpDesk / ProgrammerCommented:
some example and documentation:>Reverse geocode[reverse geocoding-with a little modification you could get not only the address, but  the Latitude/Longitude ]

hope it helps
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