DFS Replication with a Mounted Folder


I was wondering if you could have a folder that's mounted on Server A, participate in DFS replication, and that folder will show up on Folder B, with all of the contents as Server A
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Joseph DalyCommented:
Im not quite sute I understand your question completely. Are you asking if you can use DFS replication with only one server but different folder paths?
Methodman85Author Commented:
Server A, is an older server, it's running out of disk space on it's main data partition (D:\) which hosts Departmental folders. There's an empty partition (E:\) on Server A which has some free space.
I mount a folder within one of the department folders, I go to D:\IT\New Folder. New folder actually points to E:\.  So that when a department connects they still see their normal folder structure and don't have to go elsewhere.

The mounted folder I created shows up on Server A which is where I created it, but that folder does not show up on Server B through DFS replication.  How can I get the mounted drive folder on server A, to show up in the same ServerB\IT\Newfolder
Joseph DalyCommented:
Im pretty sure that DFS doesnt replicate mounted folders. It doesnt specifically say it here but it kind of hints at it

You may be able to work around the issue by selecting the files on the E drive and create a second replication group to the other DFS server. This way you will have all the data replicating and once complete you may then be able to mount the E drive in the original folder.

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