How can I create a User-Friendly Database Glossary for my website which has over 9,000 pages ?

I used the Atomz Search engine to discover I have over 9,000 pages in my website.

My problem is how to provide a flexible user-friendly guide to all the material that is available.

I have a Site Map that reflects how I think visitors would be interested in my website.

I also have a Search facility.

In addition, I would like to put in place a 'Glossary of Terms' so that visitors could look for a specific term and then find everything related to that term in a structured manner.

For example, MDM means Master Data Management and it is also related to Data Governance. Data Quality, Generic Data Models. and a Single Version of the Truth.

My thinking is to construct a Glossary of Terms with Tags to provide this kind of facility.

Does anybody have any ideas on how you would use a Glossary in helping with information discovery in my website ?

My current thinking is to store the Glossary in Oracle or SQL Server and use XML as the publication format.

Has anybody tried this before or have any suggestions ?

Thanks very much.

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Oracle provides Content DB for this tasks:

If this solution is too expensive for your organization there are other tools like JackRabit and some others.

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BarryWilliamsAuthor Commented:
I have been asked to close the Question but I can't find out how to do so !!!

See in the folder "My Account" (over,right)
There is a line "Open Question"
On the bottom see "My questions", chose one and close it.
BarryWilliamsAuthor Commented:

Your advice doesn't work for me because there is no "close" option !!!

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