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Why is it that I can Save and Write to a read-only file in SharePoint Library. On SharePoint WSS 3.0.

I open file and choose read-only and when I save it still over writes my Original file. Does not even ask me if I want to replace.

The user I am using has Contribute right on the folder...

I need the user to not be able to save if there are opening as read-only
Leo TorresSQL DeveloperAsked:
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What should happen is that when you open a document and select read only, when launched in the applicable MS office application, there will be an edit document button that needs to be clicked on before you can save changes back.

Does this occur on all document libraries or just a particular library?

Leo TorresSQL DeveloperAuthor Commented:
I I know but that's not my issue.. My issue is that I open as read-only and when user tries to save It lets them.. It does not even ask for a new name. It over right the existing file.. Why then have a read-only.. How would I prevent 2 users from not being able to save simultaneously...  
Are you able to replicate this issue by creating a new document library in another site?
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Leo TorresSQL DeveloperAuthor Commented:
You mean... Do the same thing in another folder..

If yes same thing..

For the looks of it looks like the read-only takes affect when no one else is in the document.

If there is then it wont left you save if you went in as read-only and save it it would let you save.

If 2 users enter as read-only and 1 saves and leaves it will over write the original..

Once the second user tries to Saves he will get a notification .. If they want to replace file or create new one.. I dont want to give my user this power.. (image below)

By default the replace is on most users just click OK. This would wipe out any work done by the previous version..

Is there any way to prevent this behavior???

Thanks in advance

You can enable "Require check Out" to prevent multiple users from editing the same document at the same time.  You can achieve this via the Document Library Settings / Version Settings / and then select Yes to "require documents to be checked out before they can edit.

In this same area, you can also enable versioning and limit the number of versions to say 4.

I'm not sure if it's actually what you are trying to achieve, but it may help.
Leo TorresSQL DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Now I tried Versioning  but I cant implement security on it.. Or can I?

If I am going to have versioning I only want 2 users to be able to restore the file.. The other users may restore an older file to a new file..I did not that capabilities for all the users that will be in the file..I did try that avenue. But again Im a bit green on SharePoint myself so I opted to not have any versions.. If I can have it with restore and only have 2 users restore the file I will try it...

As for checkout.. I did see that I tried that and if the file is checked out and they try to save it ask them if they want to save to local Drive.. Which is fine and dandy but a user that does not know any better will save to local directory instead of at the sever and then other people may not see those changes..

Again I am quite new to this myself I tested both these scenarios, and from what I found was that No versioning and no Check out was fine...

I am trying to implement something..   Becasue this seems difficult for our users. I am trying to make it simple I cant get them to use Sharepoint because they have no confidence in it. Thank you for your patience ..

Please advise what may be the best and easiest way to handle this??  Thanks again!
To implement security in general you would need to rely on SharePoint Groups as best practice which you apply at the team site level or document library level.  I would create 3 groups, Reader / Contributor / Owner.  Readers can only view and open documents but cannot make any changes and they cannot upload or contribute either.  Contributors will have the ability to open/edit and upload documents.  Owners have full control of the team site.

Secondly with regards to checkout, when a user saves the document by clicking on the save button, it is only saving the local checked out version and it is only until the user attempts to close the document that it will prompt them to check the document back in.  A user can also check the document back in by clicking on the Office button / Server / Check-In (office 2007).  This officially writes the changes back to the server, and if you have versioning turned on, it will NOT overwrite the existing copy and retain it for historical purposes.

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Leo TorresSQL DeveloperAuthor Commented:
OK that helps a lot with respect to check-in i will test to see how practical it would be for all my users

As for groups I have established Site for only those users that will able to contribute to these documents.. There are no readers all the people that can View can contribute...

I wanted to make sure I was implementing this the right way.. I was not sure... Thanks..
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