Chinese Font not displaying in filename

I read through many threads here but could not find the answer.  I have XP Pro SP3 and have the chinese language (both PRC and Hong Kong chinese) installed and configured in the regional language but I can't seem to get the filenames to appear in chinese in some old word and excel files when I view this in My Documents folder

These files were originally created in an older version of the MS Office and have been moved to the new computer.  Currently Office is 2007 Professional.  

Interestingly, if you hoover over the file, it shows the chinese title in the tooltip on some of the files.  
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Did you install the asian language support pack?
delsol101Author Commented:
I checked off the box inside the supplemental language support in the Language window of Regional Language.  Other than that I didn't install any other support pack and not sure which one I need to install.
delsol101Author Commented:
clarification for my above comment.

I checked off "install complex script..." box and "install east asian language" box as well.  

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Hmmm ok,
This might do the trick:
It's a trial version though...
delsol101Author Commented:
I don't think you have to use a separate software to do this work since the previous computer didn't have a 3rd party softare to display the characters.  Any other suggestions?
It's NOT a problem of the language pack, font, or so.
The XP system cannot handle it really... the system itself is not truly multilingual. Its only the interface that makes it appear so.

On a native  traditional Chinese XP system Chinese traditional file names appear properly, but simplified or Japanese file names may not be recognized.  Some applications (e.g. zip applications) will be unable to open/read and handle these file names.
The only way is to rename the files to an alphanumeric file name, if that is possible.

The same is valid for a native English XP system when you try to open Chinese files. Often the files are not recognized at all. In this case they may be opened if you switch to that locale, sometimes. Best is to not use Chinese file names. All systems work with English.


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delsol101Author Commented:
I ended up just rewriting the filenames using my penpower software that came with the writing pad.  That did the trick and Windows accepted the new chinese font and kept it as a filename.  

I must say, these fonts issues are a pain coupled and poor software doesn't help either.
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