install python 2.6 on Red Hat 5.4


I have just downloaded and installed php web mail which have the calendar function that requires Python 2.6.

On the Red Hat 5.4 there is only older version which is installed as default 2.4
i tried to run yum update and yum install but no luck, I am not able to install the python...

Tried to download src file and use the command ./ to install it but only errors....

Is there anyone who could provide me steps how to accomplish this goal ??
Thank you

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w00teConnect With a Mentor Commented:
See if you can grab synaptics package manager first (comes default with some installations of linux, probably not redhat though).  If you can get it it'll check all dependencies and download all files you need in the correct order for anything you want to install (including python).  I've used it for installing a number of versions of various languages including python 2.6 and it worked great.  PS- if you select the python 2.6 variant ending in "dev" it'll get all possible files since its runtime requirements as well as development requirements -- probably wont be needed but the files are small enough and it can't hurt to have some extra things just in case.
FalconQAuthor Commented:
thank you for reply !!

any config code examples ?
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